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Post by Nico » Tue, 02 Dec 1997 04:00:00

What's it like in Honduras these days? Is it politically
stable? I'm thinking of heading down this summer to do some

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Post by M. D. Mil » Wed, 03 Dec 1997 04:00:00

> What's it like in Honduras these days? Is it politically
> stable? I'm thinking of heading down this summer to do some
> diving.

   We were very happy with our trip in October.  We were on the islands,
the coast and inland, and never encountered any problems.  The government
seems stable, people are generally friendly and helpful, and communication
and transportation are as good as can be expected.  There is a small
airstrip currently being built on the Guatemalan border near Copan Ruinas.
   As for the diving, the following are two responses I posted in rec.scuba:
   In October, we stayed at the Seagrape Plantation in West End.  We highly
recommend it.  We were very close to 7 of the 10 best dive sites on Roatan
(as rated by Skin Diver).  The food was great at the resort, and very
abundant.  The cabanas were duplex-style, very clean and were available
with or without a/c (though all had fans).  The place is family run and
everyone was very friendly and helpful.  They were even moreso when we got
sick as a result of eating at the Bamboo Hut in town (West End) - they
nursed us and helped us through the hospitalization process when all else
failed.  Moral:  don't eat at the Bamboo Hut!!!
   The Seagrape Plantation didn't have a beach per se, but did have a very
relaxing sandy area slightly elevated from the lava shoreline.  A few clean
community beaches were available in West End, a five minute walk, and none
were busy.  The beaches were the only place we noticed any sand flies - a
very gentle breeze kept them away otherwise.  West End is a very friendly,
clean and well-lit place with all regular amenities, including a couple
well stocked grocery stores.  There is an email cafe just a 15 minute walk
down the highway from the Plantation (run by a nice couple from Canada).
   The place is located in it's own small bay, straight in from the Hole in
the Wall divesite - a fantastic dive.  Others abound nearby.  Viz was
excellent with the waters teaming with all manner of fish - even rays.  A
Dutch couple who left the day we arrived had previously dove with dolphins,
but we saw none.  Night dives saw octopi and lots of lobster and shrimp.
The reef is lava-based, shaped in fingers branching out from the island to
the reef wall.  Caverns, cracks and holes make every dive interesting.
Many dives were 40 - 80 feet.  Wall dives could go to the limit.  A bunch
of idiot Yanks there at the same time as us did the Hole in the Wall down
to 190 feet.  The divemaster (Yuan Carlo) is no longer working there for
other, unrelated reasons (FWIW).  The dive instructor, Lewis, is a very
knowledgeable man with a great interest in underwater life - he made our
dives educational and interesting.
   Feel free to post with any other questions.

   My GF and I just came back from Roatan (as well as Belize, Mexico and
Guatemala - we'll be posting a trip report soon).

   Roatan was one of the highlights - lots to see and do when you're not in
the water!  I suggest you contact the Inn of Last Resort (P:

because they will send you a fantastic CD-ROM for free.  It is interactive
and details all there is to see and do on the island, as well as highlights
of all the dive sites.  It's  a really fantastic resource.  We didn't
actually stay there - we stayed at the Seagrape Plantation for about .5 the
cost of CocoView.  We were 5 minutes away from 7 of the best dive sites on
Roatan (according to Skin Diver Mag).  Staff were magnificent and truly
understanding, especially when we got sick eating in the Bamboo Hut, one of
the West End restaurants (not at the resort).  Let's just say the West End
hospital (where the DCS chamber is housed) is now on our permanent charity
list.  ;-)

   If you want more info, please post to the group and I'll pick up your
address - spam is everywhere and I try to avoid it.

Matt Mills