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Post by OB O'Brie » Thu, 13 Aug 1998 04:00:00

> Information please about the quality of the beaches in the Xcalak area
> for swimming and snorkeling from shore.


        The swimming and snorkerling are some of the best there is.
There are no beaches if your looking for something like Pensacola
Beach.  But, there are many spots with a fairly large spot of sand.
There is 35 miles of road running from Majuahal to Xcalak along one of
the most beautiful coastlines you ever saw.  The road runs along through
an old coconut plantation right next to the water.  All along the road
are places where you can pull off and get to the water.  Just off shore
is the second largest barrier reef in the world.  It runs from in close
to about 200 yards out.  It averages about 5 feet deep and is littered
with many thousands of c***heads teeming with tropical fish, creatures
and coral.  Just look for dark patches and snorkerl out to them.
(Please don't touch the coral, it kills it.)  You will find places to
stay all along the way ranging from the very basic to the very
expensive.  Some of them have piers to swim and sun off of.
        Suggest you do a search on the net for Xcalak.  I have been going down
there for the last 7 years and have a close friend who just opened a new
7 unit, bed and breakfast in Xcalak. He also has a charter boat and can
take you snorkerling or diving locally or out to the famous Chinchorro
  Drink a Dos XXes for me when youre there.  E-Mail me if you
want more info.
Best regards