Placencia to Bay Islands

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Placencia to Bay Islands

Post by BZEFIR » Mon, 01 Dec 1997 04:00:00

To:  "No Spam"

I publish a quarterly magazine on Belize called Belize First (rated # 1 by
travel writers covering the region), and we have a section called "Update"
where we use comments on hotels, restaurants,  and sights and tours from
readers and others traveling recently in Belize.

Usually these are short, personal comments on the traveler's personal
experiences there.  

We would like to use your comments on getting from Belize to the Bay Islands in
an upcoming issue.  (One of our regular contributors is doing a piece on the
Caribbean Air connection, among other things.)

If you have any additional comments on the route, we'd appreciate getting them.

We don't offer payment in cash for these short Updates, but we do send a free
pound of Central American coffee and a copy of the magazine to all

We would need the date of your trip and your postal address (so we can
mail you the coffee and magazine) -- we use only your name and hometown, not
your mailing address in the magazine.


--Lan Sluder
Editor & Publisher
Belize First magazine
Web edition at