BBC Air-Rage In-depth -- BBC wants your Story

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BBC Air-Rage In-depth -- BBC wants your Story

Post by AJN » Wed, 24 Feb 1999 04:00:00

*** BBC Air-Rage In-depth -- BBC wants your Story

The BBC is working on an in-depth story on AIR-RAGE. If you are
an airline employee, passenger, or any one else affected by an
AIR-RAGE incident, the BBC would like for you to contact them
at the address below. The BBC is interested in a full range
perspective to this growing concern.

What is causing AIR-RAGE...?
Is it the passenger's fault or the airlines...?
Does ***, nicotine and, or other *** contribute to this phenomemon...?
Does airline employee -- management labour issues contribute to this issue...?
Should passengers be locked up and the key thrown away...?
Should the airlines train their employees on conflict resolution...?
What are the causes...?
What are the solutions...?

The BBC would appreciate hearing from Flight Attendants and other
crew members that have been ***ed. Additionally, the BBC would
like to hear from passengers that have either been involved, or
witnesses an AIR-RAGE event.

All names and events will be held in the strictest confidence and
you may choose to remain anonymous.

All emails should be sent to the following address:



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