JACK-PARIS-St.Germain (4)-Theological murders and Adam and Eve without navels!!

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JACK-PARIS-St.Germain (4)-Theological murders and Adam and Eve without navels!!

Post by Jack/Trave » Tue, 29 Jan 2002 04:09:14

Step around the corner to 7, rue de Cluny. Under the heavy tagging
(that's Paris and many capitals sickness!), unfortunately not
signposted, there is a STONE ARCH, visible by the sidewalk here,
probably dating 1219 and the only remaining ground level vestige of
the MATHURIN'S Convent. This Order was created in 1198 to pay the
ransom for Crusaders ended up, captured in Holy land, to provide
shelter to pilgrims on their way. It had later some links with Paris
Medieval University, a relationship we cannot understand today. Image
the mentality!!
Arthur Gillette found in trustful bibliography that in 1407, two
students were hanged (for robbery or whatever, any excuse was good),
by order of the Provost of Paris. Enraged by this encroachment (the
word is from Arthur :-)) on its jealously guarded autonomy, the
University community started an inquiry, which led to the unavoidable
proof, seven months later, that the hanged students were innocent. No
money or big compensation pension for the families but the Provost was
obliged to kiss both cadavers on the mouth and hand them over, with
great ceremony, for burial in the Mathurin's convent. That's how
judicial errors were handled in these dark ages!
Walk up now the rue de Cluny to rue des Ecoles (used to have a lot of
schools!!!), up rue Jean Beauvais and on to 1, bis rue Lanneau. Here
used to stand the Saint-Hilaire church (1200). What's special about
this place? Another anecdote! At the end of the Middle Ages, it
witnessed a tragi-comic esthetic and theological dispute. The church
had acquired a painting entitles: "Adam and Eve in Paradise". So
what?? Well, imagine dear readers that the picture had the boldness to
show the divine couple without navels. So? What's still wrong with
that? A war started, one party this representation correct since Adam
and Eve had no mother (?), but others affirmed the portrayal to be
absurd since the couple were the first human beings; The discussion
took a very sour and mean tone, heated up, finally led to blows, ***
was spilt (yes sir!!) inside the church which was promptly closed.
Looking carefully through the glass door here, you can make out, on
the back wall, some of the medieval characteristics: lacy stonework.
Don't ask me where the painting, ended up, I don't know.
Next article will finish this stroll no 2 of "Paris through the Ages".

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