*** Coming to Atlanta, Hamburg and London soon ***

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*** Coming to Atlanta, Hamburg and London soon ***

Post by GOLD.. » Thu, 25 Aug 1994 02:07:00

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Subject: *** Coming to Atlanta, Hamburg and London soon ***

Organization: North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 1994 15:48:56 GMT
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I will be in Atlanta later this week, then fly to Germany, then to London,
then back to Atlanta (then drive back to my home in NC).  I love meeting
people, and so am looking for people to get together with and maybe sight see.
If your interested, just drop me a line!


I am a Caucaisan, Jewish CS professor at a Historically
Black University.  I am driven.  On 1-10 scales, people give me about 8 on
cute, 5 on athletic, 9 on talent, intellect and artistic (a 16 yr old
asked me out Sunday!!!)
 I write a lot: music, magazine articles and poetry.  I like classic
rock, alternative, blues and classical music.  I love movies and plays.  
 Personality wise: depending upon environment, I am either very
shy (more like people-watching) or the most outgoing person you've ever
seen.  I teach the largest class in the department, and run a "colloquium".
Meaning, every week I present before about 300 people.  
 What else?  I am 5'9.5", 155, brown hair (needs cutting), very
very blue eyes.  I'm an Eagle Scout.  
 Common questions: I play guitar, sax, clarinet, piano and recorder.
I research artificial intelligence.  Ilove to travel.
Dr. David Goldstein, Asst Prof, North Carolina A&T State University
910-334-7245 (voice), 910-334-7244 (fax)
Researches &offers training in Object-Oriented Analysis,Expert Systems, System