Send GPS coordinates through SMS text message... and then?

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Send GPS coordinates through SMS text message... and then?

Post by Kees » Mon, 29 Jan 2007 21:57:28

That's all you need to do. The web server at will receive the
sms text message and link that to your home page. Web visitors can go to
your page and see where you are, where you were and who's close to you. The
data is enriched with countries, cities, local currency and POIs/waypoints.

Let's look what the camper-van (RV) group Kangaroo did in Africa:

They have enough mobile/GSM reception to send a daily text message by SMS.
Their family checks their web site to see whether they are safe and what
they do. They click the and drag map to see what's nearby and what road the

Pictures added will be visible, a guestbook is also provided. The latest
local news is exchanged and people chat/communicate through the website.

Should you be interested, visit to see how you can travel by
SMS (GPS2SMS). Prior to your trip you can download Waypoints and POIs in all
popular formats for your GPS or Tomtom device. All filmlocations of Lord of
the Rings? It's there, in New Zealand:
All locations of the Aragon Medallions in Paris? Store them in your GPS and
go hiking in Paris:

See you soon on a map on your own homepage!
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