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Post by Brian De » Tue, 21 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Someone asked that I post the details of this story. I did my best to get
all the facts corect, see the article for all the details... BKD

Chicago Tribune, Travel Section, Pg 6 (11-12-1995) is reporting...

During the first week of a 49 day Regent Sea cruise around South America
passengers noticed something was wrong, as many food items were
unavailable refueling took six extras hours, certain waiters refused to
work, on board ship stores were only taking cash or major credit card
(brochure reads, must charge to passenger accounts) and the ship was
heading north when it should have been heading south.  

The following morning passengers received a note slipped into their cabins
stating that the cruise was being cancelled and the ship would return to
Nassau, where passengers would receive a prorated rebate and travel
arrangments home.
They were told, it was becuase of "opertaional problems." Passengers
didn't know if the problem was mechanical or financial in nature (e.g.,
was the engine or radar out?)

As the passengers inquireries became more prevelant the hotel mgr revealed
that the crew hadn't been paid for 2 months. He went on to say it was
important that the crew thought they were getting paid to avoid a mutany
and to avoid cabins from being looted.

Some passengers wrote the Captain requesting repatriation to the US, at
this time it became apparent that they "were hostages aboard the Regent
Sea." The crew continued to treat passengers like guests. Several
conflicting announcements were made telling passengers where they would
sail to and disembark. After six days of indecision they disembarked in
Freeport where they switched ships (boarded a smaller *** ship) and
sailed to Miami.

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