Virginia Beach / Sandbridge Beach

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Virginia Beach / Sandbridge Beach

Post by Mike P » Sat, 18 Mar 2006 01:02:26

One of ***ia Beach's best kept secrets is an area known as
Sandbridge Beach.  In a nutshell , I can describe it as ***ia
Beach's own Outer Bank. It is still within the city limits of V.B. but
you'd never know it. Located just about 10 miles south of the hotel
area it offers non-crowded beaches. The area is made of year round
residents and vacationers who rent the numerous homes available. I have
a review of Sandbridge Beach at

Virginia Beach / Sandbridge Beach

Post by Brian » Sun, 19 Mar 2006 05:57:10

I agree, Sandbridge is great. (I used to live in Va. Beach and went to
Sandbridge all the time.)

Technically, Sandbridge *IS* part of the Outer Banks. It's the same
barrier island that continues uninterrupted from Sandbridge down to the
NC Outer Banks. It's possible to drive (on the beach, with a permit)
from Sandbridge down to the NC Outer Banks. Indeed, some legacy
residents of the Outer Banks still have permission to commute on the
beach up to ***ia Beach (you'll see a controlled gate to the beach
just before Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Sandbridge). Note that
the average person can't obtain a permit to drive on the beach in the
***ia section.

Quote:>From the northern "end of the road" in the Outer Banks (Corolla) you

can drive on the beach north up to the ***ia line (no permit
required), where there is a big fence blocking access to the ***ia
side (the ***ia side of the fence is False Cape State Park).