Why I Am Not a Political Prisoner

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Why I Am Not a Political Prisoner

Post by jay_st.. » Tue, 18 Jan 2005 19:56:10


> Travis Golie

> Just as every Nationalist, indeed, every human being, has his flaws,
so do I.
> I am not immune to my own frailties.  The one possible difference
> me and some others is that I admit my mistakes and proceed to make
> Someone reading my articles, commenting on my dedication to our
> pronounced me, "Too good to be true."  Unfortunately for the foe, I'm
not.  I
> am who I am.  I have been in prison, convicted of robbery.  It is a
crime I
> committed, so I was not a "political prisoner." I was young and dumb,
at the
> time, and I disgraced my own people by going to prison. I am, now,
> working to put that all behind me and work with my

fellow-Nationalists for a

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> better day.  I step in to police our own ranks, so that we may be
ready and
> worthy to police the state, when we are in power.

> I have not blamed anyone else, neither have I claimed to have been
> persecuted for what I brought down upon myself.  There are many of
> brethren who have been persecuted, such as Barry Hackney, who was
> hounded by the Civil Rights Commission, until he had all charges,
> condemned him for calling for repeal of the Forced-Housing Act,
> Many have, even, been killed, such as Chad Huber, gunned down by
> Mexicans, for opposing illegal-immigration.  There is such a thing as
> "trumped up" charges, such as when Richard Czubinski was jailed for
> organizing a Nationalist parade, until the appeals' court acquitted
him for
> having been a victim of "political persecution" by his own
> However, one nabbed for bilking his own supporters, dealing *** or
> trying to have people ***ed is not among the ranks of the

> Some who claim to be Nationalists have drifted into illegal and
> activity.  But smoking "a little" dope is not productive or
honorable.  Yes,
> if someone apologizes and wishes to act as a real Nationalist, that
is one
> thing.  But, to soil the reputation of Nationalists, as a whole,  is
not acceptable.
> Perhaps that statement needs to be explained.  A Nationalist must be
> physically and mentally strong, while remaining motivated for our
> If we were to spend our money and time for "a little" dope, risking
> and physical ***ion to a substance, while inhaling a cloud of
toxins, what
> kind of "superlative civilizer" would we be?  And, for that matter,
> kind of comrade would risk shutting down our entire organization and
> imprisoning his fellow-Nationalists just for his own, self-centered

> Then, there are those who plan, attempt or carry out ***.  They
> call themselves "Nationalists," but they act more like Robert Mugabe
> Colin Ferguson.  They receive great news coverage about what they
claim is
> their start of a "war," but all they have produced is stiffer "hate"
laws and
> more intensified oppression.  Our foes delight in seeing those who
> the right way use such flawed methods, because it enables them to
create an
> image in the mind of the public that we are proper subjects to be
> and for our property, as well as rights, to be confiscated.  I know
> minorities and aliens band together and "get away with ***," but
our task
> is to "get away with" winning public opinion, winning elections,
> our youth and taking power, in our own country.

> A Nationalist should always follow his heart.  However, my advice
> be, if at all possible, to try not to end up imprisoned.  By keeping
his own
> freedom, a Nationalist is in a commanding position to lead the
> However, if he must take a course which places himself at risk or,
> forfeits his life, I respect his decision.  But Nationalist-activism
is more than
> just lashing out.  There, certainly, is desperation to be heard.
Even to "get
> the ones" responsible for the nation's degradation.  Just make sure
that it is
> your heart and honor which motivates you, not blind passion or
reckless zeal.
> Represent your people, land and *** well, brother. I continue to
pray for
> The Nationalist Movement and all of our supporters, that the Lord
will grant
> us the victory, even as I have been victorious.

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An interesting read.