Hunt on for French gunman who shot German

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Hunt on for French gunman who shot German

Post by Sue Chaison » Mon, 02 Jul 2007 11:49:15

free france)...

NAh, the undiscutabole specialist about Pattaya affairs is Deckard, the pedo

Deckard, the French pedo who has had already 3 (ex)Thai ***s and still
doesnt know anything about ***s in Thailand.

Newsgroups: soc.culture.thai

Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 21:05:16
Subject: Re: My (ex) Thai girlfriend

I don't want to give here too many details but FYI the trouble I got with my
three girl-friends is:
- infidelity with the first one,
- repetitive lies ("white lies") with the 2d,
- disagreement about "sin sod" with my present friend.

The last one was not a problem of money, as you may think, but the
comparative importance of our (future) children and her parents.

My point is simply that you can find a Thai lady who is not only after your
money but still have trouble, often worsened by the culture difference.


Newsgroups: soc.culture.thai

Date: 2000/11/29
Subject: Re: Chuan Leekpai please tell us....

I ask this question because as a Farang, I understand nothing about cultural
differences between people from different Asian countries.
My g/f is a Thai-Chinese from Bangkok and a divorcee from a Singaporian man.
She rarely speaks about her ex-husband.
But once she told me she was surprised at the differences between Latin men
and Singaporian men in ordinary life  ( she knew  your state pretty well ).

Despite my questions, she never explained this quote.

Support mentally defective and severely stoned Yaba ***ed pedofiles who
publish their drug stories in "alt.hard.***":

Thank Old Trolls and Support a ***. You are not forgotten!!!


> Are you really suggesting that the so-called '***less coup' is just
> another delusion for some Alzheimer affected Westerners and other gaga
> Aussie?

>> Manhunt on for French gunman

>>CHON BURI: -- A Thai woman and her Italian former husband were
>>arrested yesterday for planning the *** of a retired German
>>policeman in Chon Buri's Bang Lamung district, and police are hunting
>>for a Frenchman alleged to have acted as the gunman.

>>The woman, Rungnapa Sri-det, 32, was also previously married to the
>>victim, 63-year-old Heinrich Hermann Friedrich, who was gunned down in
>>front of his house on Monday.

>>Rungnapa reportedly confessed to police shortly after the *** that
>>she and her ex-husband Fernando Nardini, 49, had planned the ***
>>for a French gunman and two Thai men to carry out.

>>The motive was reportedly Rungnapa's bid to take possession of a Bt5-
>>million house that Friedrich had bought in her name. She had filed a
>>lawsuit to take possession of the house following their separation two
>>years ago.

>>Police arrested Rungnapa and Nardini at 00.10am yesterday and charged
>>them with ***ing Friedrich and possessing an unlicensed gun, said
>>Chon Buri police deputy commander Colonel Pairat Supasawat, who headed
>>the investigation.

>>After being questioned separately for six hours, Rungnapa and Nardini
>>both confessed that they were involved in the *** and that a French
>>gunman, identified only as Marc, had shot Friedrich, he said.

>>Police raided Marc's ***inium in Pattaya yesterday but found he had
>>already gone. A witness said he had moved out in a hurry on Wednesday

>>Nardini reportedly told police that he had planned the *** and
>>offered Marc, a 53-year-old fugitive criminal, Bt1 million to carry it

>>-- The Nation 2007-06-30

> Mort