WHO has new powers to fight Bio-terror

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WHO has new powers to fight Bio-terror

Post by NWO N » Tue, 24 Jun 2003 01:32:30

18-Jun-03 JANES

Sweeping new powers to confront biomedical emergencies caused
by terrorist attacks on vulnerable population centres are being
assumed by the WHO.  /snip/

The new provisions, including the right to investigate disease
outbreaks, even in territories whose governments might wish to
conceal them, have been approved by a recent unanimous vote of
the World Health Assembly, the highest global medical authority
grouping the 192 member nations of the WHO. /snip/

Earlier this year, the organisation established an emergency
rapid-response force capable of deploying expert medical teams
anywhere at short notice to mitigate the effects of biological
and chemical terrorist attacks. The WHO has issued a global
strategy to prevent terrorists from interfering with food
supplies feeding large population centres.

Dr Lee told the assembly that he would immediately expand and
strengthen the WHO's Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network
to identify and confront major infection emergencies as soon as
they arise.



This is good, WHO will be there to help fight any bio-terror
the followers of Allah may try to inflect on people.