A Special Tour Program for In-depth Cultural Tour to See the Dawn of Chinese Civilization

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A Special Tour Program for In-depth Cultural Tour to See the Dawn of Chinese Civilization

Post by simb » Mon, 01 Oct 2001 19:17:04

--- A Special Tour Program for In-depth Cultural Tour to See the Dawn
of Chinese Civilization ---

My name is Chi Liang(Chinese Pronunciation), but please call me Simba.
I am a certificated independent English tour guide in China,
specializing in private small group(1 t0 5 person) cultural-oriented
tours that show you to the real heart of Chinese culture and life.

I'd like to extend a warm invitation to you to visit China with me.
I'm very proud of my tour service and believe that it can offer you a
once in a lifetime opportunity to experience this fascinating land in
a deeply personal way.

My tour service is unlike most other tour companies. Being an
independent tour guide, each year, I offer only a few tours,
concentrating on places that I know well and believe to give you the
best of China. I guide all of the tours myself instead of contracting
out to local agencies in China, so you can have the benefit of my
knowledge and enthusiasm. I limit the size of my groups to no more
than 5 people to make it possible for us to visit local people's
homes, small family-owned restaurants and other places where you can
find the real life of China.

I always regard my foreign tourists as my personal friends, thus
during the tour you'll never have any "mandatory shopping stops" and
any other "under the counter dealings" that many people on group tours
find detract from their experience in China. Remember, anything which
may possibly violate my clients' benifits is a NO-NO to me. And the
main reason I became an independent tour guide is that I hate such
doings of getting commisions from coaxing tourists into buying
overcharged things at "mandatory shopping stops", etc.

In short, I try to make your china tour as much unlike a standard
group tour as possible. I hope this approach makes you eager to visit
China with me.

After two years' investigation and preparation I'd like to introduce
you a very special tour program that you can never have in ANY
standard group tour. It's called " A Touch to the Dawn of Chinese
Civilization ", in which you can see the birth place of chinese
culture and all the first-and-most-ancient things of the Chinese
Civilization. And please remember those content have NOT YET included
in ANY standard group tour arranged by ANY tour agency for most of
them are jump -on-the-bandwagon style! This program is ideal for those
who are interested in in-depth cultural tour. In this program you'll

        1. A 6000 years old dragon entity made with freshwater shells, it is
regarded as the first dragon of chinese culture (4000 BC).

        2. The relics of the first ancient capital of China(Shang Dy***,
1300-1045 BC).

        3. The first and oldest unearthed chariots and wheeled transportation
in the world(over 3000 years old).

        4. The tomb of an ancient queen as well as China's first female
military general(Queen Fu-Hao, 1250 BC), where 440 bronze wares, 590
jade artifacts, 560 bone sculpture and 6000 seashell coins have been

        5. Oracle bones with inscriptions that is regarded as the ancestor of
Chinese language character.

        6. The first ancient national prison where Ji-Chang, an aristocrat of
Shang Dy***, was kept in. In his custody, he wrote the "Yi Jing"
(book of changes), or the study of "Yi"(change), which is the origin
of 5000 years of traditional chinese philosophy and medicine.

        7. China's first military academy in Warring States period(475-221
BC) where Master Wang Chan, a great strategist and philosopher, taught
his students the art of war and diplomacy.

All of the 7 items are concentrated in a region with a diameter of
100km in Northern Henan Province at Central China. The tour lasts 3
days. The tour region is 500km south from Beijing and can be easily
reached by bus or train.

If you are interested in joining in this program, please feel free to